2010 Seasons

One last time: United players gathered to watch the season recap video and have one last dinner together Sunday night at New York Pizza.
Watch the 2010 spring season recap in HD!  Relive from Los Angeles all of the way through the gold medal game versus the SISA Heat.   United’s final season recapped in video!

Like old times: Celeste and Zach catch up at the final United team dinner. Click on the picture to see other pictures from the night.

Ethan, Stephen and Colin tie for final AT: Ethan Sheflin, Stephan Pratt and Colin Attarian tied for the final United Assister’s Trophy with six each. Colin and Ethan, both second-time winners, built up their assists over the course of the season. Stephen entered the State Games without any assists but quickly racked up six. The three combined for setting up 18 of United’s goals this season.
Watch portions of the Gold Medal Game and awards by clicking the video above!  Watch the game versus the Mebane Phoenix by going to United TV!

Kim, McCullers team up again for a goal, Johnson scores two in effort.

HUNTERSVILLE – Over the last seven years United has played more than 8,300 minutes of soccer.  But it was the last five minutes of the team’s  final game where, like the promos said, history was made, and those final minutes will be remembered as legend as United came from behind to win gold at the State Games of North Carolina.

Saving the Best for Last:  Raphael Kim and Nicholas McCullers teamed up several times over the weekend, but none more important than when McCullers passed to Kim for United’s first goal.

United’s opponent was the unbeaten SISA Heat from Iredell County.  The Heat rolled through their bracket and survived an overtime game against the CSA Arsenal in the semifinal.  Early on both teams seemed to be able to move the ball, but the United midfield of Stephen Pratt, Ethan Sheflin, Declan Hoffman and Colin Attarian slowly started to win balls.  Attarian, who played all sixty minutes of the match, and Pratt, were able to shut down the skill players of the Heat.  With just under 10 minutes left, Raphael Kim and Nicholas McCullers, who have been an explosive tandem in the tournament, went to work again, as McCullers crossed to Kim to score his most

The Moment:  United players pile on Derrick Johnson after Johnson scored the eventual gold medal winning goal with two minutes remaining in regulation Sunday afternoon. Pictured are Johnson (on ground), George Bournazian (on ground), Nicholas McCullers (right) and Ethan Sheflin.  In the background the Heat goalie retrieves the ball from the net.

important as a United player, giving the team a 1-0 lead.  But the lead was incredibly short lived.  Less than a minute later the Heat marched down to tie is at one.  The Heat almost went ahead but were thwarted by strong goal tending by Abdul Elmorsi, who made several saves in the first half.

In the second half a defensive miscue turned the ball over in the United backfield and the Heat capitalized.  Elmorsi dove and made the save but the rebound bounced in front of an open net for the open Heat striker.  With the Heat up 2-1, United thought that they had tied the game when Pratt and  George Bournazian pounded the net, thinking that the Heat keeper caught the ball in the net, but the referee said that the ball never crossed the line. Stymied, the team kept attacking.  Then, with five minutes left, Declan Hoffman sent the ball on net that Bournazian and Derrick Johnson ran down.  First Bournazian touched it, but it was Johnson who drove in the equalizer.

Tied at two in the 97 degree heat, the two teams sprinted to the finish.  The Heat had another scoring chance when their fast number six ran down the sideline with the ball, but had United’s number six with him step-for-step.  Colin was

Jake Powell moves to clear the ball in the first half of the gold medal game against the Heat.

able to poke it away and clear it up, and the Heat returned a volley that Elmorsi grabbed and sent up field.  Ethan Sheflin grabbed it and poked it through to Pratt, who sent the ball down the right touch line to Johnson, who turned, drove the shot in net, dropped down on one knee and was mobbed by his teammates.  United had gone up

3-2, but there were two minutes left, and the Heat kept coming, with several attempts that Elmorsi, with help from

Chris Brown and Jake Powell, were able to clear before time ran out.

The gold medal is the team’s first major tournament championship, and  comes in United’s final game.  The State Games were like tournament book ends for United.  The team competed in its first tournament, the State Games, in 2005 when they were in Cary.  United finishes with a record of 9-6 for the spring, 2010, and 118-60-17 all-time.  Along the way, the team has picked up championships as part of Holly Springs Parks and Recreation, Triangle Y Soccer Club and two indoor championships.  But it was goal 611 all-time, United’s final goal, that won them a Gold Medal.

Front row, Left to right: Chris Brown, Jake Powell, George Bournazian, Raphael Kim, Colin Attarian, Declan Hoffman. Back Row: Ethan Sheflin, Nicholas McCullers, Stephen Pratt, Brock Waters, Abdul Elmorsi, Derrick Johnson.

Waiting: United players watch the game between the CSA Arsenal and the SISA Heat. United will face the winner in the Gold Medal Game.

United downs Phoenix in penultimate game; will play Heat for Gold

HUNTERSVILLE – United has saved what could be the most important game in team history for last.  In another complete performance, United defeated the Mebane Phoenix 5-0 in the first semi-final of the State Games of North Carolina.  The win puts the team in the gold medal game in what will be the final match for the team.   United will disband after the game.

To get the chance to play for gold, United played the Phoenix, champions of the Mebane Youth Soccer Association.  In a competitive game, George Bournazian scored to put United up 1-0 when he took a punt from Abdul Elmorsi.  Shortly after, Nicholas McCullers scored the first of his two when he fielded a Chris Brown goal kick for a 2-0 lead.  Brock Waters scored when Stephen Pratt passed the ball across the goal moutn and Waters converted.  United led 3-0 going into half.

In the second half, United kept pressure on.  McCullers scored again, this time off of another pass from Pratt, who came into the tournament with no assists and who currently has five.  United ended the scoring when Derrick Johnson converted on a ball that he received from Elmorsi.  While rare for goal keepers to receive assists, Elmorsi had two in the game.

United moved to 1-1 all-time against the Mebane Youth Soccer Association.  The team faced The Mebane Storm at the Wrangler-McDonald’s Classic in 2007.  The team now prepares for the final game in red, the gold medal game versus either the SISA Heat or the CSA Arsenal (game in progress).

Semi-final parings announced!

8AM:  United vs. Mebane Phoenix
9:30AM:  SISA Heat vs. CSA Arsenal
Bronze Medal Game:  12:30
Gold Medal Game:  2PM

United players having a pool party at Midtown Sundries. Visit the United picture page for shots from the party, including the beach soccer game that broke out on the volleyball court.

Colin Attarian moves in to poke the ball away from a CSA player. United sealed the number one seed headed into Sunday.

United downs CSA; takes number one seed for Sunday
HUNTERSVILLE – United secured its first victory over an all-star team Saturday afternoon when it downed the Charlotte Soccer Academy Arsenal 3-1 in the second round of the North Carolina State Games.

The Arsenal were skilled and brought strong and tall players in what was one of the most intense games in recent United history.  But United played its best game as a team to defeat Charlotte.  Early on, the Arsenal used speed to create a breakaway and secure the 1-0 lead.  But United responded when Jake Powell fed George Bournazian, who followed his shot to tie the game.  Then, about 10 minutes later, Colin Attarian sent the ball deep into the corner of the field.  Derrick Johnson chased it down and, with virtually no angle, hooked the ball for a deep shot that went in the net and a 2-1 lead.

George Bournazian goes down inside the box but could not get the call.

Raphael Kim and Nicholas McCullers have started to become a tough twosome for opposing defenses to deal with, scoring against the Maniacs and following it up when McCullers crossed to Kim for a 3-1 United lead.

The second half was played at a phrenetic pace as the skill players for CSA made their presence known.  United used several different types of defense to try to slow them down, including man-to-man, marking with two players, zone defenses and more, and it worked.  When the CSA strikers did get through, they found themselves facing Abdul Elmorsi, who stopped almost everything that came his way, including a penalty kick, when CSA had momentum.

United (7-6) is the top seed from the division and will begin the team’s final day of soccer with an 8AM game against the number two seed from bracket B (game in progress).

United players celebrate after a goal in the first half of the opening round of the State Games. United downed Mint Hill 8-4.

MINT CONDITION – United downs Mint Hill Maniacs in first round of Games
HUNTERSVILLE – United used physical play, sharp passing and things learned from recent experience to run out to an 8-4 victory over the Mint Hill Maniacs Saturday morning in the opening round of the State Games of North Carolina.  United, playing in the final weekend of soccer for the team after seven years, used scoring from five different players to pace to the victory.

Early in the game both teams played wide open, with end-to-end action.  About seven minutes in, Declan Hoffman got the ball to Derrick Johnson to convert for United’s first goal.  Mint Hill answered just a few minutes later when a cross found a player breaking toward the net.  United turned up the pressure.  Johnson found Stephen Pratt who converted to make it 2-1.  Shortly after Johnson took a George Bournazian pass to go up 3-1 and Johnson completed his hat trick when Pratt centered the ball to convert and put United up 4-1 going into half.

In the second half it was United that struck early, in part due to strong play by Hoffman, Colin Attarian, Chris Brown, Jake Powell, Ethan Sheflin and Brock Waters.  Bournazian took a pass from Pratt for a goal, followed by Attarian sending the ball to Johnson for another.  Abdul Elmorsi converted when Pratt sent another ball forward for a goal.  Pratt finished with a goal and three assists on the day.  Nicholas McCullers and Raphael Kim got involved when Kim crossed to McCullers for United’s final goal, but the pair had two other chances to convert.  One was stopped by the Mint Hill keeper.  One went wide.

Mint Hill, which finished second in the Union County Soccer League this spring, rallied, sparked by a questionable penalty kick call, and scored a few late, but by that time United (6-6-0) was in firm control.  The eight goals also gives United 600 all-time goals since 2003.  United is guaranteed a spot in a semi final match and faces the Charlotte Soccer Academy at 11 to determine seeding.
The final United team history video features almost every player that has worn a jersey for United other than our spring, ’10 team.  You can watch all of the history videos at United TV.  Enjoy!

Reinforcements have arrived! United travels to the State Games minus several key players. Enter Chris Brown, Derrick Johnson and Jake Powell, the final players to join the United family. Derrick will play up front. Chris will help Stephen on defense and Jake will join Colin, Ethan and Declan in the midfield. Welcome aboard!

Remember when? Fall, 2003, Nicholas McCullers (left) and United were 6-0 and headed into a showdown with the 6-0 Clash for the final game of the season. But goals by McCullers, Patrick Hoffman, Ian O’Neil and Logan Harris paced United.   At the time he didn’t know it, but Colin Attarian scored what would be the game winner in what was a 7-4 United victory. Watch the game in its entirety by clicking on the picture or going to United TV!

United’s final game schedule anounced!  Click here for more information.
United has seen its share of a lot of exciting moments and a lot of exciting goals over the last seven years.  As we head toward Charlotte and an end of an era, relive some of those moments with these NHL-style promos.  There will be one added to United TV each week between now and when United travels to the State Games.  Enjoy!

A tribute to Zach!


United has seen its share of a lot of exciting moments and a lot of exciting goals over the last seven years.  As we head toward Charlotte and an end of an era, relive some of those moments with these NHL-style promos.  There will be one added to United TV each week between now and when United travels to the State Games.  Enjoy!

United players party at the pool before dinner Saturday night in Williamsburg.

George Bournazian goes down inside the box but could not get the call.

Raphael Kim and United faced their first classic squad when the team played against the Virginia Legacy Wizards Saturday morning. United held its own, with many scoring chances, but ultimately lost to the Wizards 2-0. United fell to the Chivas from Charlottesville in the afternoon game, but will have a chance to see one of the two teams again tomorrow.
United has seen its share of a lot of exciting moments and a lot of exciting goals over the last seven years.  As we head toward Charlotte and an end of an era, relive some of those moments with these NHL-style promos.  There will be one added to United TV each week between now and when United travels to the State Games.  Enjoy!
United has seen its share of a lot of exciting moments and a lot of exciting goals over the last seven years.  As we head toward Charlotte and an end of an era, relive some of those moments with these NHL-style promos.  There will be one added to United TV each week between now and when United travels to the State Games.  Enjoy!

That’s all for Aaron. As United’s final season winds down, some players will not be able to attend to the end. The first player to take a bow is Aaron Winstead. Aaron came to the team in 2008 as part of the last season in TYSC, and got stronger with every game, easily becoming the team’s most improved player over the last two seasons. But Aaron’s final game was cut sort as a thunderstorm rolled through, robbing him and his team of a chance to go “down hill” against HSFC Blue. Aaron will be trying out for soccer in the Greenville area in the fall.

United’s match agaist HSFC Blue called half-way through due to storms! The last two times the teams played, the team going down hill scored and scored lots, with HSFC Blue scoring 5 going down hill before United rallied and scored seven during the last meeting.  Today Blue went first, scoring four, and United never got a chance to answer because the game was called due to lightning.
United has seen its share of a lot of exciting moments and a lot of exciting goals over the last seven years.  As we head toward Charlotte and an end of an era, relive some of those moments with these NHL-style promos.  There will be one added to United TV each week between now and when United travels to the State Games.  Enjoy!

Virginia Legacy Memorial Day Bash schedules posted: United kicks off post-season play at 9:20 AM Saturday, May 29th  against the home-standing Virgina Legacy Wizards in Williamsburg, Virginia.  United will face teams from Charlottesville, Chesterfield, Williamsburg and Cary over the weekend.  The complete schedule is available on the Memorial Day Bash page.
United has seen its share of a lot of exciting moments and a lot of exciting goals over the last seven years.  As we head toward Charlotte and an end of an era, relive some of those moments with these NHL-style promos.  There will be one added to United TV each week between now and when United travels to the State Games.  Enjoy!

Return of the Zach:  Gault has most complete game since returning from a foot injury in pacing United win
CHAPEL HILL – United faced off against the Triangle United Revolution in what will be the two team’s only meeting on a hot Sunday afternoon at Rainbow fields.  In spite of a strong defensive effort lead by Stephen Pratt, Matt DeBella, Ethan Sheflin and Colin Attarian, and strong goal tending by Ty Tabb, United found itself down 1-0 going into halftime.

In the second half, United came to life, in part due to pressure by George Bournazian, Declan Hoffman, Aaron Winstead and Nicholas McCullers.  But Zach Gault was the deciding factor.  Hoffman drove a shot on goal that a TU player deflected and Gault launched it on net for the equalizer.  Then, moments later, Gault crossed the ball to Stephen Pratt, who shot from a similar place from where Zach shot, to put United up 2-1.  Raphael Kim helped keep the offensive pressure on but the Revolution continued to keep pressure on the United defense as well.  In the last minutes of the game a three-on-one broke through the United defense and, on the cross, a Revolution forward drove it at United goalie Dakota Knetter, who deflected the ball over the net.  The save preserved the United victory in what was a competitive game.

United moves to 5-3 (3-3 NCCL) and faces the Triangle United Los Angeles squad next Sunday.
United has seen its share of a lot of exciting moments and a lot of exciting goals over the last seven years.  As we head toward Charlotte and an end of an era, relive some of those moments with these NHL-style promos.  There will be one added to United TV each week between now and when United travels to the State Games.  Enjoy!

**Today’s game vs. the Sounders has been canceled due to the weather.**

Colin, Ethan, Declan and Wrenn leading way on Assists
The battle for the Spring, 2010 United Assistor’s Trophy is heating up and sees Colin and Ethan tied for the lead with four, and Declan and Wrenn right behind with three each.  The Assistor’s Trophy is awarded at the end of each season to the United player that distributes the most assists over the course of the season.  You can follow along by going to the Game Center page and looking at the names in parenthesis next to each goal.  The Assistor’s Trophy will be awarded in Charlotte at the conclusion of the State Games.

Solid:  United plays a complete game against Comets

United goalies Dakota Knetter and Ty Tabb were solid against the Comets in net.

CARY – The last time United and F.C. Cary faced off, Nico Gutierrez scored with three seconds remaining to give United a 6-5 victory.  Wednesday night, United made its first trip to F.C. Cary for another great game.  United has historically not fared well against F.C. teams, with its sole victory coming over the Comets.  United tied two F.C. Cary challenge teams in 2007 and fell indoors in 2009.  Wednesday night’s game was fast, possibly the fastest game that United has been in all season.  United opened up the scoring when Wrenn Pallas shot the ball from midfield and the Cary keeper made the save, but caught the ball in the net.  United doubled the lead when Colin Attarian passed to Stephen Pratt to convert for a 2-0 lead.

The Comets answered when a scrum formed in front of the United goal resulting in Pallas and goalie Ty Tabb on the ground, two F.C. players, Attarian and Pratt running toward the ball and an open goal.  The F.C. player won the chase and cut the lead to 2-1, a score that held through halftime.

The second half produced more fast, end-to-end action, and F.C. Cary was starting to press for the equalizer when Dakota Knetter made the save of the season, and possibly the best save since Ethan Sheflin’s dive against the Satellites.  The first Comet shot hit off the cross bar.  The ensuing battle for the ball found Knetter laying flat on his back. The F.C. Cary player took a shot on net and Dakota got his hand up to block the shot and send the ball out of bounds.  The save sparked United and appeared to deflate the Comets.  Shortly after the save, Sheflin sent the ball to Tabb to put United up 3-1.  Zach Gault, Nicholas McCullers, George Bournazian, Raphael Kim, Matt DeBella and Declan Hoffman started to control the midfield and  Attarian and Pallas took control on offense. First, Attarian passed to Pallas for Pallas’ second goal.  Wrenn returned the favor when he crossed to Attarian, who ran through the defense to put the tally at 5.  Aaron Winstead checked into goal and United held on, winning 5-1.

F.C. Cary drops to 3-2 on the season and United moves to 4-3 (2-3 NCCL).  United enjoys a rare weekend off before it is back in action against the TU Wizards next Sunday.

Ethan Sheflin’s corner kicks continuously found their mark, but United couldn’t convert.

Sound defense keeps Sounders on top in a nailbiter

CHAPEL HILL – United ran into its third unbeaten team in four games Sunday afternoon when it faced the Triangle United Sounders at the Rainbow Complex in Chapel Hill.
Like when it played the Railhawks Saturday, United versus Sounders was a very competitive game, with each team matching the other with competitive play and strong defense.  United had chances, led by Matt DeBella, Raphael Kim, George Bournazian and Nicholas McCullers.  The defensive line of Zach Gault, Ethan Sheflin, Wrenn Pallas and Colin Attarian was strong in front of Ty Tabb, who made several key saves.
United’s biggest chances in the first half came off of corner kicks.  The team tallied four, and all four got through the Sounder defense and in front of the goal, but United couldn’t convert.  The Sounders made several attempts that required Tabb to run out from net and intercept crosses.
The second half was more of the first.  Both teams had big chances to score.  United had the first opportunity when McCullers crossed to a breaking Aaron Winstead, who launched a shot that beat the goalie but just sailed over the crossbar.  Moments later it was the Sounder’s chance when they had a shot that hit the crossbar.  Dakota Knetter made several saves in the second half to keep TU out of net, but they converted to take a 1-0 lead.
The final 10 minutes of the game saw an all-out effort by both teams and lots of hustle by United’s forwards.  The Sounder keeper made several saves, including on a Declan Hoffman shot that went to the bottom-left corner of the net that required a diving save by the Sounder keeper.
United moves to 3-3 overall (2-3 NCCL) and steps back out of league play to face another unbeaten when it plays at FC Cary’s Comets Wednesday night.

Wrenn Pallas drives toward goal against the Railhawks

United falls at Cleveland

CLAYTON – The bounces didn’t go United’s way Saturday afternoon as the team fell to the Cleveland United Railhawks 6-3 in a very competitive game.

The game was competitive, with United striking first as Ethan Sheflin crossed the ball to Nicholas McCullers, who has scored three goals in the last two games.  McCullers put United up 1-0.  Moments later United had a chance to go up 2-0 when a shot missed the left post by inches.  The Railhawks responded by scoring three straight and going in at half, 3-1.

The bounces weren’t going right.  One of the Railhawk goals went through the legs of the United keeper.  Two other shots missed just wide.  United also managed to misdirect two shots away from the Railhawk net after they had already beaten the Cleveland goalie.

In spite of how hard they tried not to convert, United still managed goals.  Wrenn Pallas crossed the ball to Sheflin, who headed the ball in off of the top post.  Moments later, Zach Gault crossed the ball to Pallas to convert and bring United to within one, but the Railhawks scored two more to put the game out of reach.

Strong efforts were presented by the entire team, but united dropped to 3-3 (2-2 NCCL).  The Clayton fields have the distinction of becoming the only place that United has ever played where it has never won.  United is 0-3 lifetime in Cleveland, 2-2 all time against the Railhawks, and is not scheduled to play there again.  The team travels to Chapel Hill Sunday to play the TUSA Sounders.

Stepping it up

Colin, Ty and Wrenn have been nominated for US Club Soccer’s id2 training program! The three have been entered into a national player pool and will be evaluated for inclusion in an id2 training camp. id2 Training Camps are invitation-only events that bring together the nation’s top male and female youth players for four days of competition, evaluation and fun. Players are invited to participate as a result of an extensive scouting and recommendation program in which players throughout the country are identified in their own familiar training and game environment as they compete with their club teams. Established in 2004, US Club Soccer’s id2 national identification and development program provides an opportunity for the country’s top youth talent to be identified and developed for possible inclusion in U.S. Soccer’s National Team programs.

Ethan Sheflin and Wrenn Pallas fight off the Railhawks in 2009. United is 2-1 all-time versus the Railhawks, but has never won at Cleveland, including a 5-0 loss last fall. United travels to play the Railhawks Saturday at 3.

Thunderstruck!  United gets by ‘Bolts
The last time United and the CASL Cary Thunderbolts met on the field, the Thunderbolts ran off five straight goals and blew by United 5-0.  Tuesday night at Thomas Brooks Park, it was United’s turn to use speed and passing to stop the ‘Bolts 4-0.

United was paced by Aaron Winstead, who tallied a goal and two assists on the evening. But it was George Bournazian that started off the scoring when he took an Ethan Sheflin corner kick and converted for an early 1-0 lead.  It was United’s first goal off of a set piece this season.  Later, Nicholas McCuller’s broke through when Winstead took a Colin Attarian pass and fed the through ball.  United went into half up, 2-0.

The second half produced strong play by Stephen Pratt, Ty Tabb, Wrenn Pallas, Dakota Knetter, Declan Hoffman, Zach Gault and Raphael Kim.  United slowly took control of the midfield and Winstead and McCullers teamed up again to go up 3-0.  Winstead’s goal came off of an Attarian pass.

United is 3-2 (2-2 NCCL) and faces the Cleveland United Railhawks in Clayton on Saturday.

United once again vexed by Wizards

United returned to action Sunday afternoon against the Wizards, a team that United has never beaten.  Down tow players, United continued to have problems with the Wizards Sunday, but had several bright spots.  Matt DeBella scored the lone goal when he took a great crossing pass from Declan Hoffman.  Stephen Pratt stepped into the stopper role and played very well, slowing down the Wizards offensive attack.  Colin Attarian has continued to become a strong presence on offense, using his speed to make several runs against the Wizard defense.  United fell 5-1 Sunday to fall to 2-2 on the season, and heads into an exciting stretch of games.  Three of the next four games, beginning with the Thunderbolts, are non-conference.  United follows up the Thunderbolts with the Railhawks, TU Sounders and FC Cary’s Comets.

United spent the day attacking the TU Corinthians net.

United downs Corinthians
United played one of the more complete games of the season when it defeated the TU Corinthians 4-0 Sunday afternoon at Holly Ridge Elementary School.
Early on both teams battled for control but the United midfield, lead by Declan Hoffman, Raphael Kim, Colin Attarian, Matt DeBella, Ethan Sheflin and Stephen Pratt, started taking over.  Attarian placed a through ball off of Pratt’s throw directly to left forward Nicholas McCullers, who converted for a 1-0 lead.  George Bournazian converted shortly after to put United up 2-0 at half.

The second half found United making run after run at the Corinthian net.  Matt DeBella fed Ty Tabb for Tabb’s first goal.  Tabb scored again when Declan Hoffman crossed the ball and Tabb converted.  United’s defense, in front of goalie Dakota Knetter, held TU at bay for the rest of the half.  United has outscored opponents 10-2 in the last two games and moves to 2-1 on the season as it heads into a non-conference game against the TYSC Lazers.

HSFC had no answer for Ty Tabb, who scored five goals on the afternoon.

Shootout at Holly Ridge!  United spots HSFC six before storming back

United played one of the poorest fifteen minutes of soccer in several seasons at the beginning of its match with HSFC Blue and Blue took advantage, scoring four goals in that time span.  Down Zach Gault, Matt DeBella and Wrenn Pallas, United was flat, and the Blue offense scored on several odd-man rushes and putting extreme pressure on the United defense.  Blue pushed the lead to 5-0 before Colin Attarian broke free with a pass from Nicholas McCullers to get United on the scoreboard.  Moments later Ty Tabb converted a penalty kick to begin one of the biggest offensive explosions by a single United player in recent team history.  Stephen Pratt also kept the pressure on the HSFC net.  HSFC wasn’t done scoring either, and converted to go into halftime 6-2.

The second half saw United wake up and recover, roaring back in part due to four consecutive goals from Tabb, with assists coming from Aaron Winstead, Ethan Sheflin, Declan Hoffman and Raphael Kim.  The four goals not only sparked United, it pulled them even with HSFC.  In that span, goalkeeper Dakota Knetter made several saves.  Ethan Sheflin and George Bournazian settled down on defense, Winstead had a breakaway chance and Tabb missed three other opportunities.  HSFC broke free for a seventh goal before Bournazian passed to McCullers, who scored his first United goal in over six years, to tie the game at seven.

With three minutes left in the game a defensive misstep cost United a goal and, although pushing for the equalizer, United ran out of time, falling to 1-1 on the season.  United faces its first Triangle United opponent, the Corinthians, next weekend and also sees a possible out-of-league friendly against the TYSC Lazers.

Bournazian’s scores, United gets past Los Angeles

United scrimmaged Triangle United’s Los Angeles squad Sunday afternoon.  The game featured all of United’s new players, and brought strong play from each, capped wen Nicholas McCullers sent the ball to George Bournazian for a goal.  View the game in pictures!  https://hsunited.wordpress.com/pictures/

Let the new season begin!
United scrimmaged the Cary Satellites at the Dix complex in Raleigh on a cold Friday night to welcome in the spring season.  Down several key players, United welcomed team rookies Dakota Knetter and Raphael Kim into the mix as well as tried a new defensive formation.  There were a lot of positives, including the play of Knetter and Aaron Winstead in goal.  There is also a lot to work on, including ball distribution and passing.  The spring season officially begins Sunday when United plays host to TU Los Angeles.  Follow along for game recaps, pictures and updates after each game!


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